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ZCash: King of Crypto Privacy?

Bitcoin (BTC) may be the alpha blockchain in the crypto chain — but how do you solve a problem like anonymity?

After all, a coin like Bitcoin is pseudonymous. Crypto investors seek security and transactional privacy in digital blockchain-based transactions. In other words, lack of anonymity means cyber hackers could expose social details in data breaches, anything from true identity to address. Following Facebook’s (FB) Cambridge Analytica data harvesting scandal, investors face an era where data protection matters more than ever.

That’s where top 20 privacy altcoin ZCash (ZEC) comes into play. ZCash delivers a compelling way to anonymize transactions for crypto enthusiasts. The anonymity when making crypto transactions stands strong here and cryptographically-proven. ZCash founder and CEO Zooko Wilcox’s coin fills a much-needed privacy gap in the crypto-verse.’

Currently, ZCash is ranked #21 with a market cap of $961.21 million. The last 24 hours have been positive for ZCash: its valuation has risen almost 21% and transaction volume boils down to a cool $15.13 million overnight. Today, the privacy-driven crypto coin hits a price of $207.17. Should you invest in this underdog?

Former National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden tweeted in response: “I’m with Vitalik. Zero-knowledge proofs may be the future of private trade.” It’s no wonder that in September 2017, Snowden cheered ZCash on Twitter as “the most interesting Bitcoin alternative.”

Investor and founder of crypto hedge fund firm Scalar Capital Linda Xie believes privacy is vastly “undervalued” and “misunderstood” in the crypto world. Xie notes that she is “bullish” on the crypto coin. Just how undervalued? Grayscale Investments (asset manager and subsidiary of crypto-focused Digital Currency Group) financial analyst Matthew Beck wagers: hypothetically, ZEC value could push past a colossal $62,000 by 2025.

ZCash: King of Crypto Privacy?, Nasdaq, Jul 25
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