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Look. Discover. Trade


The Forex Calculator allows for a real-time estimation of the trading parameters necessary to control your deposits, as well as calculating the resources required for the opening of possible positions. The Forex Calculator service is very simple: specify the Currency Pair, Account Currency, Leverage, and Position Size. All of the algorithms are already built into the Forex Calculator, so after filling in, simply press “Calculate.” The system will then display the following values​:

  • cTrader Commission
  • Avg. Spread on MT4/cTrader
  • Required margin
  • Pip Value
  • Swap for Long
  • Swap for Short
  • Minimum price fluctuation

All calculations are tied to the current rate of trading assets on the FxPro trading platforms. The course is updated in real-time and displayed following the completion of the calculations.

When changing the specified input data via the online Forex Calculator, it requires the user to click “Calculate” in order to successfully update the results.

The free Forex Calculator is an excellent assistant tool for those who work with a large number of open positions – especially those with several trading instruments. Please note that the data is for reference only, i.e. at the time of a real order being placed, the parameters may differ as the quotes are constantly changing.

At the same time, the FxPro News’ Forex Calculator is an effective way of reducing mistakes, as well as helping to save time (due to the speed of calculations).