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Share quotes

A Share is a type of security that traditionally allows an investor to own a part of a company with the right to vote on management issues and receive dividend payouts.

Initially, it was impossible to trade stocks without physically purchasing the underlying asset. Over time, Contracts for Difference (CFDs) were introduced to make the stock market more accessible. Therefore, stock trading is now possible based on speculation on the fluctuations in share price, enabling traders to open “Buy” or “Sell” positions to catch the current trend.

The live share quotes reflect the corporate changes of issuing companies, therefore requiring investors to track corporate news.

It is also vital to follow what is happening in the world: this allows investors to understand the main global trends and conduct analysis, using share prices in real-time.

Investors also pay attention to the news from the national industries and sectors, so keep a close eye on the major stock indices, which can be found in another section of FxPro News. The higher the quotes of indices, the higher the share price of the companies of this type may be.

Likewise, it makes sense to follow the economic data of the country in which the selected company operates (head office and production). This helps you to predict trends based on unemployment rising and productivity declining and make a responsible forecast on the changing prices of shares.

On this page, you can find the share quotes of Apple, Coca-Cola, Facebook, JPMorgan, IBM, Netflix and other popular stocks from the leading stock exchanges.