Forex Quotes

Currency Value Spread Change Time (EST) 2 day
1.10285 4.7 0.0% 00:16:06
1.27763 11.6 0.0% 00:16:06
108.848 2.3 0.0% 00:15:52
1.31952 2.6 0.0% 00:15:58
0.86277 2.5 0.0% 00:15:37
120.091 2.0 0.0% 00:16:03
0.99806 8.6 -0.1% 00:16:05
1.10099 10.9 -0.1% 00:16:06
0.67488 2.5 0.0% 00:15:49
8126.29 475.1 +0.1% 00:15:58
177.56 23.1 +0.2% 00:16:04
58.661 18.9 0.0% 23:58:59
1480.95 3.4 0.0% 23:58:59

Currency trading provides you with an excellent opportunity to successfully earn in the most fluid market in the world. At the same time, it should be noted that when trading currency pairs, you buy one specific currency at the expense of another. Today, traders have several dozen different currency combinations available. Moreover, this figure regularly increases. You can use classic major pairs (EURUSD, USDGBP, etc), as well as less popular and more exotic (CAD/JPY, AUD/NZD, etc).

It should be noted that the online quotes of the currency pairs are updated around the clock, five days a week. Thanks to this you get a great opportunity to work at any time. Currency trading has a number of important advantages. It is very popular among both beginners and more experienced traders. To have effective trading experience, you need a successful strategy and a competent approach to work.

Please note that you can trade on both the growth and the fall of the currency. If you are just starting to trade on forex, you can use a demo account to properly grasp your trading skills. However, you can only truly experience the taste of true trading by working with real money. For beginners, we recommend using the most popular currencies like EURUSD, the behavior of which you are most likely to understand and find a lot of useful analytical information on at FxPro News.

The FxPro News team only prepare the most relevant information for you. This is because only through taking a responsible approach, will you be able to get a real pleasure from trading!