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Forex - Quotes
Currency Value Spread Change Time (EST) 2 day
1.09393 1.7 -0.8% 13:41:10
1.23778 2.7 -0.3% 13:41:10
107.512 1.5 0.0% 13:41:10
1.42235 2.9 +1.2% 13:41:10
0.88362 2.2 -0.4% 13:41:10
117.616 2.4 -0.9% 13:41:10
0.96563 2.7 +0.5% 13:41:10
1.05644 2.5 -0.3% 13:41:09
0.60706 1.9 -0.9% 13:41:10
6289.75 300.0 -2.5% 13:40:54
131.13 20.0 -0.7% 13:41:09
26.192 5.0 -1.3% 13:41:09
1593.57 10.2 +1.3% 13:41:01

Forex trading provides you with an opportunity to join the movement of the world most liquid market. Dealing with the currency pairs allow traders to try to gain on the move of one specific currency to another. Traders have a choice from the several dozens of different combinations available: major and minor pairs (EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY), more exotic ones (CADJPY, AUDNZD, etc.) and even cryptos (BTCUSD, ETHUSD, etc.).

At FxPro News, we provide live currency quotes on all the popular currency pairs, as well as actual analytical reviews and market ideas. We convinced that only responsible approach might apply to trading.

Every currency quote on this page updated 24/5, allows our readers to follow the exchange rates and open a trade at any time.

Forex traders usually may open market positions in both directions, toward growth and fall of the exchange rate. Beginners recommended to try the demo trading account to get the skills and feel the taste of live trading.

Novice traders usually choose the most popular currency pairs like EURUSD, as they have more news and analytical reviews. Anyway, to have a practical trading experience, one need a successful strategy, a competent approach to work and real-time currency quotes.