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Currency trading provides you with an opportunity to trade on the most liquid market in the world. When trading currency pairs, you are speculating on the strength of one currency against another. Today, traders have several different currency combinations available.

You can use this section to find a specific currency quote. We provide data for major pairs (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, etc.), minors (CAD/JPY, AUD/NZD, etc.) and more exotic ones.

Online quotes of currency pairs are updated around the clock, meaning you can trade at any time, 24/5. Currency trading has several advantages over traditional trading and is very popular with both beginners and experts.

To develop your trading experience, you need to have a proven strategy and keep a close eye on the live currency quotes at FxPro News.

If you are just starting with trading Forex, you can use a demo account to practice and advance your trading skills. Beginners usually start trading with the most popular and liquid currency pairs, like EURUSD, the behaviour of which is more understandable. You will also find a lot of useful analytical information about such assets at FxPro News.

The FxPro News team prepare the most relevant information for you, including real-time currency quotes.

Add this page to your favourites and always be aware of key changes on the foreign exchange market!