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Investing in Decentralized Privacy: What is ZCash (ZEC)?

ZCash (ZEC) was issued back in 2016, nearly two years ago, presented as a digital asset focused on bringing ultimate privacy for blockchain-based transactions. Since then, Zcash has been through several significant changes, one of which included the birth of Zclassic (ZCL), which is actually a hard fork product derived from ZEC.

Some of the most anticipated updates brought by ZCash in form of network developments has to be Sapling compatible version 1.1.2. Sapling is the latest planned update of ZEC and it is planned on being activated in October of the current year. ZEC team is aiming at bringing more secure and shielded transactions with this update, while also adapting the network to internal changes that should make transactions faster with processing time taking only seconds instead of minutes. This update should be the next great milestone in the roadmap of ZCash, bringing their decentralized platform to the next level where ZCash will be made ready for mass adoption and mobile exchange

Although ZCash has dropped over 90% since it made its all-time high, ZEC still seems to appear as a solid good investment. Being traded among the top 20 currencies, while counting a market cap of over 835 million dollars, ZEC is currently seen rebounding by going down by over 1% against the fiat. In case you appreciate shielded transactions with improved privacy and want to utilize your transactions without the involvement of third parties, but still get to hide your identity and transaction information, ZEC could pass as a great investment in this case.

With the new upcoming update called Sapling, holders and investors are expecting to see ZCash slowly rebounding towards getting near its record price, as the mentioned update should prepare ZEC for vendor adoption, while temptingly offering fast transactions and shielded ZCash addresses. This way, Zcash (ZEC) holds the potential of becoming even more tempting to investors who appreciate privacy and fast decentralized payments.

Investing in Decentralized Privacy: What is ZCash (ZEC)?, CryptoRecorder, Aug 16
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