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Important upcoming events and publications

Important upcoming events and publications for April 18 (GMT):

08:00 Euro Zone Preliminary PMI for April is able to affect the markets and the single currency in case of deviation from expectations. The Production index has been steadily declining since December 2017, reflecting possible contraction for the last two months. The Index for the service industry shows that growth rates have increased since February. Impact on EUR: Average

08:30 U.K. Retail sales showed impressive growth rates against past year levels. From March data, it is expected growth from 4.0% y/y to 4.6% y/y, which is regarded as a positive signal for the economy. However, it is worth paying attention to the risks associated with Brexit, that could suppress consumer activity. Impact on GBP: High

12:30 U.S. Retail sales are expected to show a healthy increase by 0.9% on the total index and by 0.7% on the core (ex auto). Deviations from expectations can have a significant impact on markets. Impact on USD: High

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