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Important upcoming events and publications

Important upcoming events and publications for April 10 (GMT):

08:30 U.K. Industrial production and monthly GDP estimates may affect the dynamics of currency pairs with GBP. On average, analysts are waiting for the economic slowdown, linking it with uncertainty around Brexit. Data worse than expectations can cause pressure on the Pound.

11:45 ECB’s Monetary Policy Decision is a significant event for currency pairs with EUR and may have an impact on the trading if it indicates changes in the monetary policy. More often the single currency volatility jumps little later during the press conference of Draghi, which will begin in 12:30.

12:30 U.S. Consumer Price Index is one of the most important indicators of inflation. From the middle of last year, the yearly rate slowed down, but it is expected acceleration in the March from 1.5% y/y to 1.8% y/y.

18:00 FOMC Meeting Minutes is able to cause movement on the currency and stock market at the end of the day. Market participants will pay particular attention to intentions regarding rates and the possible next step of the central bank.

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