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Important upcoming events and publications

Important upcoming events and publications for March 14 (GMT):

12:30 U.S. Unemployment claims grew this year, prompting speculations that the best numbers (lows) are in the past, which is regarded as a signal of impending recession.

14:00 U.S. New Home Sales in January are expected to grow by another 0.3% after a rise in November and December, reinforcing hopes for faster growth in the US. The development of this trend can become an additional driver for market growth and may support the dollar.

Another Parliamentary vote in Britain will take place after 19:15. This time, the question of shifting the Brexit date to get time to negotiate with the EU is on the agenda. The exact time is unknown, in the previous days, the market reaction was at 19:22 and 19:16. The markets are trying to determine the chances of a second referendum. The increase in the likelihood of such a scenario can inspire pound buyers.

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