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Important upcoming events and publications

Important upcoming events and publications for January, 16 (GMT):

09:15 Bank of England Governor Mark Carney will address Financial stability report before selected Treasury committee. Comments on the economy prospects in the case of various scenarios of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU can affect the #GBP.

13:30 U.S. Retail Sales are closely monitored by markets, as this information reflects the situation in the largest part of the country’s economy. It is expected to maintain a moderate growth rate of 0.2%. Strong deviations from forecasts can affect the dynamics of the #USD.

17:00-19:00 Confidence Vote for the U.K. government is expected to reaffirm the credibility of the May cabinet, but the voting and discussion of further actions can spur the volatility of markets, and especially of pairs with #GBP. Voting overnight raised both the chances of a re-referendum and withdrawal from the EU without a deal.

19:00 The Fed publishes its Beige Book, which includes summary of economic activity in the U.S. regions based on business anecdotal evidence. The publication can have an impact on the Fed’s sentiment on rates. At the moment, the markets expect the Fed to pause in raising rates amid a slowdown in growth. Sharply positive business evaluations are able to support #USD on expectations of tightening rhetoric.

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