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Important upcoming events and publications

Important upcoming events and publications (GMT):

09:30 U.K. Construction PMI can cause some volatility in pairs with #GBP, if the actual value significantly diverges from expectations. Analysts are set to see the growth rate maintained, but unpleasant surprises that could trigger a short-term correction for the pound are not excluded.

12:30 U.S. Nonfarm Payrolls may causes spikes on markets volatility, as the actual figures often diverges from expectations. Markets are waiting for an increase in the number of employed people by 190K, as well as the annual salary growth rate up to 3.2% (max since 2009). A strong discrepancy with the forecasts can help to determine whether we saw a reversal of #USD yesterday or it was a slight stop on the way of growth.

12:30 Canada Employment report is released simultaneously with statistics from the United States, which makes the fate of #CAD even more unpredictable immediately after release. Several previous reports have noted an alarming trend towards a decline in full-time employment growth.

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