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Important upcoming events and publications

Important upcoming events and publications (GMT):

06:30 Bank of Japan press conference may cause volatility in pairs with #JPY, if Chairman Kuroda hints at monetary policy changes.

10:00 Eurozone consumer price index is able to influence the dynamics of #EUR, as the markets are keeping on eye closely inflation trends. The important news was the acceleration of inflation in Germany to 2.5%, above expectations. That fact increased the chances that the Eurozone CPI growth will also exceed the current estimate and forecast of 2.1%.

12:15 U.S. ADP Nonfarm employment change can provoke violent movements in financial markets and significantly affect the #USD quotes in the event of a strong discrepancy with forecasts, which now amount to 190 thousand versus 230 thousand a month earlier. We can not exclude the release of very weak data after the failure of official payrolls.

12:30 Block of statistics from Canada, where the most important data is the GDP dynamics in August. The country’s economy is slowing the growth, but it is still within trend levels, allowing the Bank of Canada to raise rates. A sharper slowdown may cause the BC to reconsider its plans and affect the #CAD quotes.

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