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Ethereum Creator: Mass Adoption Matters More Than Cryptocurrency ETFs – CCN

Ethereum co-founder Buterin Vitalik believes that the crypto community has focused too much on ETFs rather than making cryptocurrency easier to use as a method of payment for everyday purchases via payment cards, according to a recent tweet. An ETF will benefit cryptocurrency prices, he believes, but making it easier for people to use it will do more for mass adoption.

Predictably, the comment drew a lot of response on Twitter. One tweeter noted that creating the ability to earn cryptocurrency will do more to encourage adoption since when a person earns cryptocurrency, there is no need to convert it to fiat, which presents an inconvenience.

Another tweeter noted that attempts were made in the past to make cryptocurrency usable for retail transactions, but regulatory concerns stopped businesses from issuing cards. The tweeter noted that such an effort might prove more successful at the present time. Others claimed there is no advantage to using crypto for retail transactions.

While Buterin views ease of use for everyday transactions as key to mass adoption, the availability of cryptocurrency ETFs could also play a role in bringing that to pass. When the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently clarified that bitcoin and ethereum are not securities, many crypto advocates welcomed the news since it bodes well for cryptocurrency ETFs. However, the decision also bodes well for the industry in ways that can impact mass adoption. Some viewed the SEC clarification as validating Coinbase‘s recent move to support the ERC-20 token standard.

Ethereum Creator: Mass Adoption Matters More Than Cryptocurrency ETF, CCN, Jul 31
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