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Bit-comment: BTC’s return to growth after a corrective pullback

Bitcoin traded around $9,170 on Wednesday morning and demonstrates attempts to return to growth after a corrective pullback to $9,000. Scale buying is a feature of a growing market, which further supports the investor’s demand. The first cryptocurrency confirming technical analysts forecasts over and over again, which causes an even greater inflow of funds to the market.

It should be noted that crypto investors were concerned about the launch of Facebook’s digital wallet and cryptocurrency because of their impact on Bitcoin. Market participants assume a variety of scenarios: from positive to extremely negative. The positive ones are related to the fact that such a significant social network user base will attract new “retail money” to the crypto markets, ultimately, all participants will benefit, as the system cannot be closed. Negative scenarios point to the fact that a cryptocurrency which is stable, regulated, supported by the largest IT companies will eliminate the need for all other projects, including Bitcoin.

However, you need to understand that now we are talking about the launch of Test Net, and the full-fledged work will begin in the first half of 2020.

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