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ADA, SOL Lead the Way as Crypto Market Sees Price Pullback

ADA, SOL Lead the Way as Crypto Market Sees Price Pullback

The crypto market is a sea of red, with Solana’s SOL, Cardano’s ADA tokens and other alternative cryptocurrencies taking a bigger hit than bitcoin and ether. The move seems typical of a breather often observed after notable rallies.

ADA was trading at $2.67 at 10:53 UTC, representing a 7.6% drop on a 24-hour basis, and SOL was nursing a 13% loss at $68, according to data source Messari. ADA debuted on Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges today. Earlier this month, Sebastien Guillemot, CTO at dcSpark and a former executive of Cardano-founding entity EMURGO, hailed ADA’s entry to Japan as being similar to a listing on Coinbase, the U.S.-based, Nasdaq-listed crypto exchange and institutions’ preferred avenue to accumulate bitcoin.

XRP, polkadot and dogecoin were also down more than 8%. Meanwhile, bitcoin was changing hands at $47,500, down 3.7%, and ether traded 5.5% lower at $3,100, CoinDesk 20 data show. All sub-sectors, including decentralized finance and non-fungible tokens, were flashing red. According to analytics platform Laevitas, alternative cryptocurrencies were looking ripe for a pullback as holding long positions in many of the coins had become too costly. “Paying over 100% annualized for longs can’t be sustained forever,” Laevitas tweeted, adding that the price drop looks like a healthy correction.

Some of the coins like ADA and SOL looked overbought, having recently rallied to record highs and outperformed bitcoin by a significant margin. For instance, ADA had rallied 187% and SOL 272% in the past four weeks, more than twice as much as bitcoin’s 70%.

ADA, SOL Lead the Way as Crypto Market Sees Price Pullback, CoinDesk, Aug 26

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