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Pfizer Wave Analysis – 23 March, 2020

Pfizer Wave Analysis – 23 March, 2020
  • Pfizer approached key support level 28.25
  • Likely to correct up to 30.00

Pfizer recently fell sharply breaking through the round support level 30.00 (which stopped the earlier downward correction (B) at the end of 2016).

The price is currently trading close to the major support level 28.25 (which started the sharp uptrend at the start of 2016, as can be seen below).

Given the strength of the support level 28.25  – Pfizer might correct up to the next resistance level 30.00 in the neatest time. If the price breaks below 28.25 – Pfizer will then, most likely, test the next support level 27.60.

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