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WAVES price soared by 50%, trade volumes spiked by 340%

In the last 24 hours, the Waves token has soared in price by almost 50%. Over the week, the rate jumped by almost 116%, cryptocurrency trading volumes grew by almost 340% over the past few days, reaching $ 102 million.

For the past one week Waves price has been successfully coasting the green line amidst the red prevailing in the market. The revamped Waves mobile wallet is one of the factors that have harnessed goodwill for this project. The Waves team has integrated the entire waves business into a smart phone application that is easy to use. They have by this act opened up the Waves platform to a wider demographic audience of smart phone users that would see it adoption fast track ahead of other projects.

This is because the newly upgraded mobile wallet provides access to a built- in DEX and fiat gateways. The ease of access and instant trading available on mobile without the need to expose private keys has the propensity to pull in millions of users to the Waves platform thereby driving up demand for WAVES. With exciting features like finger scanning, touch and face ID to further support security the refurbished Waves wallet is built for the average crypto user and this is likely to be a source of long term growth.

Waves (WAVES) Is Geared To Break The Tide, TodayGazette, Dec 19
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