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Time to pump? Data suggests traders intend to push Filecoin (FIL) above $100

Time to pump? Data suggests traders intend to push Filecoin (FIL) above $100

Filecoin (FIL) accumulated 65% gains over the past 30 days to reach its highest price since June 8. The recent strength was accelerated after an Aug.6 partnership with Chainlink’s oracle protocol on Aug. 6 allowed the projects to join their grant initiatives to speed up the development of hybrid smart contracts to leverage code running on the blockchain while the managing data computation process off-chain.

Numerous events triggered the $235 all-time-high on April 1, but that movement is clearly long gone because the cryptocurrency is 67% below that level. Let’s take a moment to understand what triggered the rally and whether these drivers still exist. Filecoin is a decentralized cloud-based data storage network that allows its users to gain rewards for selling their excess storage on an open-source platform. The built-in economic incentives ensure files are reliably stored over time.

The network’s storage capacity surpassed 2.5 exabytes in February, which lead to positive remarks from influencers like Cameron Winklevoss, the billionaire investor and co-founder of the Gemini exchange. On March 31, Qtum founder Patrick Dai said that the protocol was working to enable smart contracts for Filecoin through the Qtum network. On April 10, Martin Gaspar, a research analyst at CrossTower exchange, told Cointelegraph that solid demand from Chinese miners emerged due to a shortage of proof-of-work rigs. Gaspar added that these miners “are required to pledge the FIL token as collateral, resulting in demand for the token.” Lastly, on April 15, Filecoin changed its supply economics, reducing its daily issuing from 648,000 FIL per day to 365,000. The drastic cut likely led to a perception of scarcity for the token. In turn, it may have caused retail investors and miners to accelerate their investments ahead of the event.

Time to pump? Data suggests traders intend to push Filecoin (FIL) above $100, Cointelegraph, Aug 24

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