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07:00 (GMT) Germany trade balance is in a trend to decline from the end of 2017, both due to the exhaustion of the effect of euro decline and due to the slowdown of China’s growth. Interrupting this trend is able to increase somewhat optimism around EUR.

10:00 European Commission economy forecasts can become a troublemaker in pairs with EUR, as it can ultimately influence the policies of the European authorities, which can affect the market performance.

13:30 U.S. Unemployment claims remain a good indicator of the nation labor market health. In case of updating multi-year lows and, conversely, a sharp jump upwards, it may affect the positions of USD.

19:00 The FOMC rate decision and accompanying statement will be the focus of attention and may cause violent market volatility, including USD. Investors will look for hints of willingness to raise rates in December.

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