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Important upcoming events and publications

Important upcoming events and publications for March 12 (GMT):

09:30 U.K. GDP and Industrial production are attracting the investors’ attention because of the uncertainty over Brexit Impact on economic performance. December GDP showed a sharp economy decline by 0.4% and industrial production declined in January by 0.5%.

12:30 U.S. Consumer Price Index is almost steadily slowing down on a y/y basis from July 2018, forming softer expectations for monetary policy. Meantime, the core index (excluding food and energy prices) remains at 2.2% y/y level.

Parliamentary voting on Brexit does not have an exact scheduled time, as it precedes the debates. Last time, January 15, the balance of power was 19:39. Then the PM May’s plan fails to get the support of the majority. The same result is expected this time, although the number of May supporters is predicted to grow.

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