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Important upcoming events and publications

Important upcoming events and publications for March 7 (GMT):

12:45 The ECB rate decision and subsequent press conference (at 13:30) very often cause a surge of markets volatility. Policy changes are not expected, and traders and investors are focused on changes in economic forecasts and inflation in light of the recent slowdown. Hints at a willingness not to raise the rate until late Autumn are able to cause the EUR sale-off.

13:30 Weekly Initial unemployment claims, quarterly labour productivity, and unit labour cost data attract market attention as a possible indicator of official data on employment dynamics and earnings growth rates, so they are able to spur volatility in pairs with USD after publication.

23:50 The Japan’s GDP final assessment may affect the usually quiet course of the trade during the Asian session and can cause some influence on the trend in pairs with JPY. Weak data can pressure on the yen.

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