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Important upcoming events and publications

Important upcoming events and publications

09:00 (GMT) Final euro area Composite PMI may slightly increase the EUR volatility if the actual value is rather different from the expectations. The preliminary October estimate noted a business activity slowdown to the 2-years lows rate.

10:00 EU Producer Price Index has strengthened its growth since May with the increased tension of US trade conflicts. Accelerating PPI spurs consumer inflation amid healthy growth and is able to support EUR.

15:00 JOLTs Job Openings in the U. S. has attracted attention in recent months as it several times in a row updates historical records reflecting a tight labor market. Another piece of strong data can support USD.

U.S. Midterm elections. The first exit poll data will be published at 5 am (GMT) on Wednesday. But as data becomes available, the situation and market reaction can change dramatically (remember the US presidential election and Brexit in 2016?)

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