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Important upcoming events and publications

Important upcoming events and publications for December, 19 (GMT):

09:30 UK Consumer Price Index is able to cause a rapid movement of GBP, in case of deviation from the expectations. Analysts, on average, predict slowdown from 2.4% to 2.3% yoy rate. More dramatic scenario will be considered as a sign of economical problems and will make some negative impact on the pound.

13:30 Canada Consumer Price Index is able to cause a violent CAD movement, if the forecast is not released. Sharp slowdown of annual inflation from 2.4% to 1.8% is expected: that will be a sign of a cooling economy and may force the Bank of Canada to be more careful in the interest rates raising.

15:30 US Crude Oil inventories data could have a serious impact on Brent and #WTI prices. Markets fear of Crude OIl supply glut, which puts pressure on the energy market, causing a more than 5% collapse in prices overnight.

19:00 US Fed Rate Decision is a central event of recent days and can cause a surge in global markets volatility – especially in USD. The rate is expected to increase, but softer tone can support stock market and weaken the dollar’s position.

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