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Important upcoming events and publications

Important upcoming events and publications for November 28 (GMT):

07:00 U.K. Bank Stress Test Results may cause increased volatility on #GBP. In fact, Britain has to exit from the EU, so, stressful scenarios can easily become a reality.

13:30 U.S. Goods Trade Balance can noticeably increase the fluctuations of #USD on the G20 summit eve. The main agenda there promises to be the meeting of China and US leaders due to resolve trade disputes.

15:00 U.S. New Home Sales is a significant indicator of consumer confidence and could predict business cycle pivot points. The latest data has noted sales failure to its lowest levels in two years, after a four-month decline. There is expected partial recovery from October data. If the forecasts are not met, this can be a serious factor of the #USD pressure.

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