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Important upcoming events and publications

Important upcoming events and publications for November 26 (GMT):

09:00 German Ifo Business Climate indicator is expected to show a slight decrease from 102.8 level to 102.3. In case of discrepancy with the expectations. On Friday, EU PMI show the weakening, and now, in pairs with EUR, the dynamics may grow, if it confirms (or denies) serious slowdown in the German economy.

14:00, 16:00 Mario Draghi, the ECB President, will make two speeches in various committees of the European Parliament. These performances will attract market’s attention and are able to influence the EUR quotes. His statements may include new assessments of the economic situation and some monetary policy forecasts.

18:30 Mark Carney, the Head of the Bank of England, will comment the Alan Greenspan’s book. Market participants will closely monitor all the statements to find the acute economic forecasts and health assessments of the financial system and for the U.K., that may increase volatility in GBP.

See the detailed Economic calendar here

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