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Important upcoming events and publications for November 21 (GMT):

09:30 U.K. Public Sector Net Borrowing is another evidence of the economy trends. Such dynamics has a pronounced seasonality, so, it makes sense to compare the data with the same month a year earlier, as well as with the market expectations. Deficit growth above the forecast (5.6 billion) is able to put pressure on GBP.

13:30 U.S. Durable goods orders is considered as a good indicator of the current mood of the national business. The growth of this indicator reflects confidence in the economic prospects and is able to support USD.

15:00 U.S Existing Home Sales is the good indicator for assessing prospects from households. Since March, sales are in decline, causing the nervousness of market participants, as the deceleration of real estate often precedes the economy slowdown. Market analysts are expecting an increase of 1% in October, after 3.4% failure a month earlier.

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