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Important upcoming events and publications

Important upcoming events and publications for November 20th (GMT):

07:00 Producer Price Index in Germany had steadily gained momentum since February. For October, the annual growth rate is expected to accelerate from 3.2% to 3.3% y/y. PPI is regarded as an early indicator of the consumer inflation’s trends. Growth above the forecasts can additionally support EUR on expectations of the rigid ECB rhetoric.

10:00 The Bank of England Governor will present an inflation report to the Parliament. Traders and investors will put their attention to the economical forecasts and the interest rates trends. These data may increase volatility on GBP.

13:30 The U.S. number of building permits had almost invariably decreased since March, causing more and more apprehensions among investors. On Monday, the NAHB index showed a sharp decline: the development of this trend is able to further weaken the USD.

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