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Important upcoming events and publications

Important upcoming events and publications for November 15 (GMT):

09:30 UK Retail sales continues a series of important macroeconomic publications that can seriously affect the pairs with GBP. In the middle of the year there was a jump in sales, but now it is gradually losing the strength. A further slowdown in annual rates is expected from 3.0% to 2.8%. A sharper fall can hurt the pound.

10:00 Euro area Trade balance can temporarily increase the volatility in pairs with EUR. The surplus of foreign trade has been declining in recent months in response to a slowdown in global economic growth. Analysts expect the surplus near the levels of the previous month. Better than forecasted data will be able to support the euro recovery

13:30 US Retail sales can have a major impact on markets, including USD quotes, in case of deviations from the expectations. Analysts are set to see a very strong increase (+0.6%) in October after several months of weak growth. If the results are stronger than expectations, it will support the growth of the US dollar on speculation around maintaining strong consumer demand.

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