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Here Is Why Ripple Separating itself from XRP, the Coin, is a Good Thing

For a very long time, crypto traders and enthusiasts have continually used Ripple to refer to the digital asset known as XRP. It was okay to do so during the months of November and December last year, but when the Ripple company is facing 3 lawsuits as well as the SEC, it is prudent to know the distinction between the two entities.

Global Coin Report had earlier highlighted that the popular crypto tracking website of was the first to conclude that XRP is separate from Ripple. The website did this by newly naming the digital asset via its cryptocurrency code of XRP. This, in turn, could be translated as being that the good team at Coinmarketcap has also concluded that XRP is not a security.

In line with this conversation, the Ripple company has issued a statement via Twitter stressing that XRP and Ripple are two different and totally independent entities. In a tweet, the Ripple company stated that: “The digital asset #XRP and the company #Ripple are distinctly different.”

SEC will now see the clear distinction that XRP is separate from Ripple. Not being biased, but the guys at the SEC are a little bit older than your average crypto trader. This means that for them to grasp the sense of what XRP is, the Ripple company and the XRP community need to lend them a hand in explaining the differences. Once this concept is grasped by the SEC, even the judges handling the 3 Ripple Lawsuits will also understand these concepts and throw the cases out the window.

To add to the above, separating XRP from Ripple now means that the company of Ripple is the biggest XRP HODLer out there. They can choose to dump a bunch of coins into the markets or choose to lock them up in Escrow. This is, in fact, is not a bad thing. It amplifies the fact that Ripple is a separate entity once again. Although a more ‘competitive’ position when looking at it from another XRP HODLer’s point of view. But knowing the guys at Ripple, they love the coin. They will not dump it.

The last reason why it is a good thing that XRP is separate from Ripple is that the institutional investors that were seated on the fence with respect to buying XRP, will now see the proverbial light and jump in with both feet. The buying of XRP might still be gradual and cautious with the pending cases and SEC comments, but it is still some progress in the right direction.

In conclusion, XRP continues to be one of the most loved and held digital assets in the crypto verse. With Ripple offering clarity between the two entities, the doors are open for the 3 pending cases to be resolved as well as the SEC declaring XRP is not a security. This will, in turn, bring in the institutional investors with their ‘big money’ signaling the beginning of an XRP Bull Run.

Here Is Why Ripple Separating itself from XRP, the Coin, is a Good Thing, GlobalCoinReport, Jul 11

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