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FxPro Launches New Redesigned Website

The broker says the new site represents its “core values as a business”

Retail broker FxPro announced the launch of a new website this Wednesday. A page explaining the new design suggests the change is part of a wider rebranding effort on the part of the company. “This is not just a new website,” said Ilya Holeu, the broker’s Chief Marketing Officer. “It is a new, refined brand identity that embodies our core values as a business. We love what we do, and we want that to speak out.”

According to a statement released by FxPro, the new website has taken several months to develop. The broker claims that the new site allows for a more intuitive user experience when clients, or prospective clients, browse through it.

A quick scan of the site shows that the broker has made some clear efforts to portray itself as supplying a high-end trading experience, and as a company capable of simplifying complex trading processes so that they are more comprehensible to retail traders.

It is also very much customer-oriented. By that, I mean that the site emphasises FxPro’s customer-first approach but also highlights opportunities to be a part of some sort of wider, trading community.

From this author’s perspective that seems like a clever and more subtle strategy when compared to the marketing efforts undertaken by other brokers.

Even if the broker is no more open than it was previously, the new site still conveys a sense of openness to a user. That’s more than can be said for other brokers, many of whom operate sites that are extremely opaque and provide no clear indication as to who is operating them.

In the wake of the European Securities and Markets Authority’s recent product intervention measures, taking such an approach is wise.

Brokers, now forbidden from enticing traders with get-rich-quick promises, need to take a more client-friendly approach if they are to continue to attract and maintain a solid base of customers. FxPro may have taken the lead on this front but don’t be surprised if we see more brokers changing their marketing strategies in the near future.

Visit to see it by yourself.

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