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Coinbase moved 850,000 BTC as part of "scheduled maintenance"

A series of incredibly large Bitcoin transfers totaling about $2.9 billion have been traced to a single source: Coinbase. Chinese crypto outlet 8BTC says the movement of nearly 850,000 BTC came from the leading US crypto exchange, which posted a “Notice of Blockchain Movements” on November 29th.

“Over the next seven days, Coinbase will be running scheduled maintenance across our platform that may cause movements on all Coinbase-supported blockchains. These are controlled, closely monitored movements that are being performed in order to provide enhanced security and protection for our customers.”

Ripple and XRP

Women are a driving force in the Ripple and XRP community, according to a new survey. Etoro and Mumsnet found that 90% of female investors on eToro are invested in cryptocurency, and XRP is by far the most popular coin. Here’s the breakdown.

XRP (56%)

Bitcoin (15%)

Ethererum (10%)

Litecoin (6%)

Stellar (3%)


Vitalik Buterin says the blockchain can do a whole lot more than improve the world of finance. To prove his point, the creator of Ethereum launched a 15-part tweetstorm on the subject. “Time for a brief tweetstorm on non-financial applications of blockchains. As blockchain scalability gets better and better, and UX improves and fees drop as a result, this will become a bigger and bigger part of the story. One underappreciated way to view blockchains is as an extension of cryptography that does different things. Cryptography allows you to encrypt data, prove data was signed by someone, etc etc…. blockchains OTOH allow you to prove that a piece of data was *not* published.

Massive $2.9 Billion Bitcoin Whale Exposed, Plus Ripple and XRP, Ethereum, Tron, Litecoin, VeChain: Crypto News Alert,, Dec 11

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