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Better, Faster, Cheaper: Ripple Exec Claims XRP is ‘Bitcoin 2.0’

Ripple’s New Chief Market Strategiest, Cory Johnson, is certainly a known quantity in the traditional financial world. He co-founded with CNBC’s Jim Cramer – that guy who’s always freaking out over charts and events on Wall Street – and worked with a number of different start-ups over the years before eventually finding himself at Bloomberg.

XRP Can Live Without Ripple

One of the important takeaways from the podcast is that Johnson understands that Ripple can die without actually killing XRP. It’s true that the primary development of XRP happens at Ripple Labs, and that the company is also mostly responsible for market penetration and other progress that XRP (the Ripple token) has made, but nonetheless, as an entity XRP could live on in the absence of Ripple Labs.

Ripple’s Biggest Competitor Is SWIFT

According to Johnson, the primary engagement of Ripple is easing and speeding up the movement of money across borders in a legal way. As a result, he does not view Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as a competitor at all – rather, he sees his company as competing with SWIFT, which is an acronym for “Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.”

Johnson Believes Ripple is ‘Bitcoin 2.0’

During the interview, Johnson called Ripple “Bitcoin two dot oh.” He frequently touts the benefits of Ripple over Bitcoin, recently commenting via Twitter on the hyper-sensational headlines about the emissions that Bitcoin mining induces. The interview should be of interest to any Ripple holders as it provides insight into the new Chief Market Strategist’s life story and viewpoint. Only time will tell if Johnson will stay on at Ripple after he has determined that it is no longer in start-up mode, as he prefers to work in the high-intensity atmosphere of start-up culture.

Better, Faster, Cheaper: Ripple Exec Claims XRP is ‘Bitcoin 2.0’, CCN, Oct 31
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