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Pakistan threatens nuclear strike on India and “any other superpower”

Pakistan threatens nuclear strike on India and “any other superpower”

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has threatened to hit India with “aggressive” action, hinting at the full weight of its nuclear arsenal. Khan extended his threat to “any superpower” that provokes his country. Are his words pointed at Donald Trump, who has shown support for India over Pakistan in recent events? With 145 nuclear warheads in its bunkers, it’s time to take this conflict seriously. The danger of nuclear war is real and present, and the US, Russia, and China are all involved.

If any superpower threatens Pakistan, he continued, they “will receive a befitting response from here.” Although Khan stops short of using the word “nuclear”, his commitment to “fight until the last breath” infers a willingness to use the nation’s ultimate firepower. Pakistan has more nuclear warheads than India and is on track to build the third-largest stockpile of nukes on the planet.

It’s the strongest rhetoric from the Pakistani premier after weeks of tension and military activity with neighboring India. As CCN reported, India is stockpiling 750,000 assault rifles and readied a nuclear submarine in an escalating arms race. Tensions have flared in the last month after Pakistani terrorists killed 40 Indians in a suicide attack. India responded by launching airstrikes into Pakistani territory. Although some news outlines have reported that tensions have eased, Pakistani troops have reportedly violated ceasefire along the Line of Control this week.

Pakistan Threatens War on India and ‘Any Superpower.’ It’s Time to Take this Nuclear Conflict Seriously, CCN, Mar 15

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