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What miners can do with equipment?

Technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and neural networks require significantly more raw power than single computers can offer at reasonable prices. Instead, several companies, both on the blockchain and off, have started to specialize in renting out computing power to organizations and users in need.

FxPro analyst said that Tatau, for instance, is looking to reduce the cost of super-computing by leveraging blockchain GPU networks. The company’s platform lets users monetize their existing surplus GPU capacity and rent it to individuals who need it. The company is focused on AI, a notoriously resource-intensive technology that is nonetheless becoming vital to many fields. For miners who continue to shut down their rigs and operations, the shift to computing power would take seconds and could be a good alternative for times when mining becomes unprofitable.

Others have also offered similar solutions though with different areas of focus. Leonardo Render, for instance, focuses more heavily on providing computing power for graphics work and 3D modeling. The company is also more focused on providing a ready-made solution, as it has contracted the services of a GPU farm to bolster its initial launch. Golem offers computing capacity for a variety of work though it is aimed largely at more academic projects. However, in all cases, the use of blockchain means miners can easily convert their operations back and forth, meaning they can be ready to get back in the game should crypto prices bounce back.

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