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Leaders and outsiders of the Crypto world

Leaders and outsiders of the Crypto world

Crypto market has lost not just a huge amount of capitalization and trading volumes, but also the faith of investors and enthusiasts. Do, for the December, 7 we have huge “crowd of losers” among the Coins. Let’s start from those who are looking more promising against the rest:

1 – XRP This cryptocurrency provides an opportunity to invest with a small budget. Good to know, that the project is integrated into the real banking sector. Perhaps, that is the reason why even after the collapse the XRP rate is 43% higher than last year, and its cap has increased by almost 48% y/y.

2 – Ethereum (ETH) This is the main altcoin at the market. Have to mention that it’s rather undervalued with the price around $100, but still looks promising. Ethereum will receive a boost after the long-awaited updates and the transition to PoS (proof-of-stake). Capitalization of the coin has decreased over the year by 75% to $10.4 billion. Since June, 2018 trading volume had been hovering around $2 billion.

3 – ZCash (ZEC) One of the leading anonymous cryptocurrencies. It has received a listing on the Coinbase, but to the surprise this fact did not affect ZEC absolutely. In case the real volumes will return to the market, ZEC may receive a substantial flow of liquidity. However, it is trading at a minimum level of $65 at the moment, so, the year losses amounted to -80%. ZCash’s daily volume is about $213 million (+10% y/y) with the capitalization of $351 million (-63% y/y).

4 – Waves Developers have updated the mobile wallet platform, which now allows to buy Waves via credit card, as well as to exchange these tokens to the other cryptocurrencies of the platform directly. Due to this fact, from December, 4 the trading volume jumped up to 942% y/y (it’s about $73 million in total).

5- Binance Coin (BNB) The hotel booking system Tripio added BNB token as the main way of payment for its customers. This is the reason why one Binance’s Coin price has grown by 26% y/y, up to $6.3. That’s how online projects could be boosted by the collaboration with the real world.

Now let’s make our own TOP-5 Crypto Market Outsiders:

1 – Bitcoin (BTC) Surprise? Sorry, but no. According to the experts’ forecasts, this iconic token may fall down even to $1,500 before recovery. However, no one knows how long BTC can stay at the bottom. From December, 2017 its capitalization had decreased to 70% ($65.5 billion).

2 – Bitcoin Cash (BCH) The BCH rate steadily fell along with the market. However, recent hardfork and a tough standoff between two camps, ABC and SV, have made the situation much-much worse. The coin has lost about 92% of its value from the last year’s level and may continue to decline in the nearest future.

3 – NEM After hackers had attacked the Coincheck, and against the background of the crypto market correction, the NEM coin has lost 76% of its capitalization and 75% of value last year.

4 – Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Nothing special, actually. Another Bitcoin fork that has lost 95% of its value y/y.

5 – …. On the last place you can put almost any of the more than two thousand cryptocurrencies: 99% of them, we suppose, will disappear within a few years.

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