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FxPro: Crypto investors are trying to save their funds amid Bitcoin crash

FxPro: Crypto investors are trying to save their funds amid Bitcoin crash

The safe harbour of cryptocurrency has eventually sunk under the volatility wave, which triggered a massive collapse of all crypto coins. During the peak of this decline, market capitalization has shrunk by $30 billion. During the last 24 hours, Bitcoin’s price has lost almost 13%, trading at around $5,500.

On the morning of November 15,2018, the second largest global Bitcoin wallet, which belongs to the Binance exchange, moved out 109,234 BTC ( $600 million at the current exchange rate). Considering this huge sell-off in the past day, the news in regards to such a big move of almost all Bitcoins from a “cold” wallet may reinforce negative dynamics in the market. It is worth remembering the sharp reaction of the market, subsequent to the sale of BTC and BCH by the Mt.Gox bankruptcy trustee Kobayashi.

The level near $6,000 was defended by bulls for months and the decisive hit of this mark is a bad signal for the whole market. The altcoins suffered even more: Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) lost almost 13%. It is noteworthy to note that in the recent days, BCH has attracted consumer demand due to the hardfork prospects which can split the chain, as it was in the case with the original Bitcoin. However, the fierce confrontation between the two camps advocating a different future for the project, frightened even the speculators. It is very unlikely that BCH sell-off had started before hardfork.

According to technical analysis, the next important stop could be the area of the previous price consolidation: distant marks near $3,500. A well-known crypto investor, Barry Silbert, has the same opinion. He considers what is happening now as a “cryptocurrency capitulation” due to a deep disappointment in the prospects and falling interest from traders and users.

At the same time, the ambiguous and often negative position of the American regulator is an additional pressure factor. One of the triggers for the collapse in the market, could be the prospects for action by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in dozens of cases against crypto exchanges that may be accused of distributing unregistered securities.

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