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Bitcoin updates highs at $68K, pulling up the overall crypto market

Bitcoin has added another 3% since Tuesday morning, pushing to all-time highs above $68K. BTCUSD is up more than 10% in three days of ongoing growth, dragging its overall crypto market capitalisation and gaining speculative interest.

CoinMarketCap now puts the value of all cryptocurrencies at 2.944 trillion – one step away from the circular value of 3 trillion.

On Bitcoin’s daily charts, the RSI has reached 69, approaching overbought territory. However, this rarely stops such momentum. Bears tend to come into play only at the signs of exhaustion of the upside momentum.

The rest of the whole crypto market is growing slightly slower than bitcoin, with its capitalisation rising 2.7% to $1.658 trillion in the past 24 hours.

The cryptocurrency Fear and Greed Index rose to 84, moving into “extreme greed” territory, where we last saw it on October 21, the previous wave of bitcoin’s highs update.

This market disposition sets the stage for a continued cryptocurrency rally, with new highs for bitcoin and a record update for the entire cryptocurrency market.

As we noted earlier, the prolonged consolidation over the previous weeks has allowed the bulls to gain strength for the current spurt. The recent upside momentum could potentially extend to above $83K, up 22% from current levels.

At the same time, meaningful upside and retracement momentum for the entire crypto market suggests a less significant upside potential to $3.1 trillion, up 5.6% from current levels.

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