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Bitcoin: sharp drop on Wednesday

Bitcoin: sharp drop on Wednesday

During the day, Bitcoin dropped to $44,400, but the price managed to return to the level above $46,000. The altcoin market froze, waiting for the next BTC price move.

The decision of El Salvador, apparently, does not allow many to sleep well. Suddenly, the Ukrainian parliament adopted the law about digital assets, which will officially introduce cryptocurrencies into the legal field. But don’t be in a hurry to rejoice. The essence of the project is that people can now open crypto accounts in banks, and if the fact of fraud with cryptos is recorded, one can go to court with that and get some protection. It is still impossible to pay with coins for products and services in Ukraine.

Perhaps this is for the best: Bloomberg published an article that El Salvador faced a sell-off in government bonds on Wednesday. In this way, investors are reportedly trying to take revenge on the country for adopting BTC.

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