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Viking Sets Sail for IPO on May 1st – Catch the Waves with FxPro!

Viking Holdings, the cruise line known for its luxurious escapes, is setting sail for the public market, with an expected trading date of May 1, 2024. But you don’t need a ticket to ride this wave!

Here’s how you can chart your course with CFDs:

Buy the Dip or Sell the Swell? Viking’s IPO is expected to be valued at up to $10.8 billion, so the choice is yours! CFDs let you trade on price movements, no matter the direction.

The expected price range of $21-$25 per share makes CFD trading Viking accessible, with trading offered from 0.01 of a share.

👉The new Stock will be available to Buy or Sell on the FxPro MT5 account shortly after it goes live.

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