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Introducing a New Stock: VinFast – The Rising Star in EV Industry

We are excited to introduce a new addition to our stock offerings – Vietnamese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer VinFast. This emerging player has captured the market’s attention by achieving a remarkable feat on its debut trading day – surpassing the valuations of industry giants Ford and General Motors (GM).

VinFast’s bold business model is centred around becoming a global disruptor in the EV market. Their strategic approach has already manifested in impressive production capacity growth. Despite not yet being profitable, VinFast’s shares closed above $37 each in their recent New York debut, elevating the company’s stock market valuation to an impressive $85 billion.

This valuation places VinFast well ahead of established industry players Ford ($48 billion) and GM ($46 billion). As the electric vehicle market experiences a surge in competition, with established giants and innovative newcomers vying for a share, VinFast’s rise signals a noteworthy shift.

Interestingly, VinFast’s main competitor is none other than Tesla. This raises an intriguing question: how will VinFast’s trajectory compare to the EV pioneer?

As an investor, you have the opportunity to analyse this market development and decide whether you see VinFast as a buying or selling opportunity.

More information and trading conditions can be found here.

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