There is a reason we are considered the world's #1 broker!
There is a reason we are considered the world's #1 broker!

The FxPro Analyst Team

The team consists of financial market experts who study the market movements and provide in-depth analysis to assist our traders. Our dedicated professionals regularly prepare reviews on the economic situation, foreign exchange market as well as news and reports on Crude Oil, Gold, Stocks Indices and more! Our analysis is regularly published in the leading economic global media.

US private sector slowed hiring, ADP says

ADP reported a 103k increase in new private sector jobs in the US, against expectations of 130k and 106k (revised from 113k) a month earlier. This indicator was designed as the last insight on the jobs market before the official... Read more

Dow Jones is close to a peak

The Dow Jones index has switched into consolidation mode, joining the S&P500 and Nasdaq100, which did so almost two and three weeks ago, respectively. This could be consolidation before a spurt to new highs, but it’s more likely that we’re... Read more

Bitcoin and Ether reach new heights. Where is the stopping point?

Market picture The crypto market made another leap forward on Tuesday afternoon after spending less than 24 hours in consolidation mode. In the last day, the total crypto cap reached $1.6 trillion, up 3.9% in a day, 11% in a... Read more

US job vacancies fall faster than expected

There were more signs of a cooling US labour market ahead of Friday’s employment report. The number of open job vacancies in October fell to 8.733 million from 9.35 million a month earlier and 9.31 million expected. With occasional bounces, the... Read more

Oil pressured despite verbal interventions

Oil remains under pressure, reflecting fears of demand cuts, despite verbal interventions by OPEC+ and US government officials over the past week to shift the balance in favour of a deficit. Last week, the expanded OPEC+ agreed a production cut... Read more

The dollar is struggling to trend

The American dollar is fighting hard for the trend. For the last three trading sessions, the dollar index has been crossing up and down the 200-day moving average every day. All in all, the flirting with this level has been... Read more

Bitcoin infected with correction sentiment

Market Picture Bitcoin surpassed $42K on Monday, adding more than $2,000. The last time Bitcoin traded above $40K was in April 2022, before the collapse of the Terra ecosystem triggered a massive crypto market crash. Financial markets are seeing a... Read more

Swiss inflation falls to 1.4%, will it affect the SNB?

Swiss inflation is falling below expectations, and this may be a reason for the SNB to change its rhetoric next week. Consumer prices fell 0.2% in November, slowing the annual pace from 1.7% to 1.4%, while no changes were expected.... Read more

Bitcoin accelerated growth

Market picture Gold’s historic highs and the surge in risk demand at the end of last week did not spare cryptocurrencies. Cryptos experienced impressive gains on Monday, but one cannot leave aside the weekend bull run as well. The crypto... Read more

Gold’s Monumental Surge to All-Time Highs

On Friday and Monday, we saw legendary moves in gold. On Friday evening, the price rose to $2075 on the background of risk appetite with reduced liquidity in the instrument. On Monday, the price of gold reached $2145, a new... Read more

The Dow Jones enters a turbulence zone

The Dow Jones has taken a high of 36,000, which is only 2.5% below its historical peak of January 2022. Above that round level, the index traded above it for a few days in November 2021 and briefly in December... Read more

Vibrant crypto market

Market picture The crypto market has added 1.5% in the last 24 hours, bringing the capitalisation back to the 1.44 trillion level, which has been acting as resistance for the last three weeks. The upward movement has intensified since the beginning... Read more