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Navigate the Financial Wilderness!

The FxPro Analyst Team

The team consists of financial market experts who study the market movements and provide in-depth analysis to assist our traders. Our dedicated professionals regularly prepare reviews on the economic situation, foreign exchange market as well as news and reports on Crude Oil, Gold, Stocks Indices and more! Our analysis is regularly published in the leading economic global media.

Nasdaq100 and Nvidia: shakeout, but no reversal yet

Shares of Nvidia, the world’s most traded, most popular, and most valuable company, have been under corrective pressure for a while. From last Thursday’s peak at $140.48, the price has lost 16% to $117.86 in just three trading days. Investors. Read more

Bitcoin’s Attractive Drop

Market Picture The cryptocurrency market was falling to a total capitalisation of $2.2 trillion at the end of the day on Monday but managed to add over 2% to the lows, recovering to $2.25 trillion, down 0.5% from the day. Read more

Euro rises against German Business Climate decline

The Ifo German Business Climate Index declined in June as expectations worsened, confirming a reversal of the downward trend. The Ifo index fell from 89.3 to 88.6 instead of the expected increase to 89.4, making it the second month of. Read more

American apathy supports Oil

The price of crude Oil rose steadily in the previous fortnight and is starting the new week with a positive trend. This rise emphasises the importance of the 200-week moving average, below which the price has not fallen for a. Read more

Crypto dive

Market picture Along with the rest of the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin is pulling back further into the area of last month’s lows. The sell-off intensified with the start of the new week, pushing total capitalisation back 3.6% in 24 hours. Read more

Downside PMI Surprise Brought the Euro Closer to the Critical Zone

The European session on Friday started with a new wave of euro selling, which was supported by weak preliminary PMIs. According to June estimates, the strengthening of economic activity in the eurozone, which has been gaining momentum since October, is. Read more

Crypto didn’t dare to grow

Market picture The crypto market failed to get on a growth path, with its capitalisation falling 1.5% to $2.35 trillion in the last 24 hours. Cryptocurrencies have had their wings clipped by the sell-off in equity markets, reflecting a downturn. Read more

The SNB brought the CHF back to the downside by cutting the rate

The Swiss National Bank cut its key rate by 0.25 percentage points to 1.25%. The decision surprised markets, which, on average, expected no change after a similar move in March. The SNB also issued a warning that it is ready. Read more

Ethereum and Solana get support

Market picture The crypto market added 1% in 24 hours to $2.4 trillion, supported by positive momentum in Bitcoin (+0.9%) and interest in Ethereum (+2%). Top altcoins are mostly adding to the levels of the day before except for falling. Read more

Jump in US manufacturing and consumer caution

US retail sales rose 0.1% in value for May, worse than the 0.3% rise expected after a 0.2% decline a month earlier. Total sales were 2.5% higher than a year earlier, lagging the 3.3% inflation over the same period. In. Read more

RBA readiness to hike is positive for AUD

The Reserve Bank of Australia kept its key rate at a 12-year high of 4.35%. The market widely expected the decision, so it did not cause a spike in volatility. However, we note that the RBA warned that it was. Read more

Crypto continues its retreat

Market picture In 24 hours, crypto capitalisation fell 2.2% to $2.36 trillion. Bitcoin’s relatively moderate 1% decline contrasts with a much deeper dive in altcoins. Ethereum fell 3.3%, Solana plunged 7.8%, and Dogecoin dropped 9.2%. The main momentum of the. Read more