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Bit-comment: It fell and did not stumble

Bit-comment: It fell and did not stumble

Minus $ 3000 per day. It’s time to say: “How do you like it, Ilon Musk?”. So, Bitcoin and the entire crypto market together with it still launched the correction phase. Almost touching $ 13’800, BTC began to actively sell off, which pushed the price of the asset down to $ 10’600. Together with the reference crypto, all altcoins were also sold, for which the decrease also reached 20%.

It should be noted that analysts had long predicted this probability, over and over again noting the excessive growth of digital assets without sufficiently long consolidation phases. However – of course! – few people listened to the negative forecasts, so you can be sure: many new investors were taking away from the market, who wanted to join the “to the moon” trend. Along with the decline in the price of BTC, trading volumes grew, reaching $ 45 billion. Nevertheless, by Friday morning Bitcoin began to show signs of a rebound, bargaining around $ 11’200. This is especially offensive to those who lost on a sharp pullback. It is likely that the “observing” observers have now begun to buy the asset, using the opportunity to enter the market at a more affordable price. If the FOMO of market participants is still strong enough, on the weekend we will see a new round of Bitcoin growth.

Source: FxPro

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